August 5, 2015

spirituality topicsSpirituality is a popular discussion and literature topic among Canadians. Spirituality is very different from religion in a number of ways. Committing to a religion means committing to a particular version of natural and supernatural history, as well as following a doctrine of good practices and good living. Religion is constructed on rigid institutional laws and legalities. Spirituality, on the other hand, has an entirely different face. Religion is concerned with defining a belief while spirituality is concerned with connecting to a belief. It is our spiritual sensibilities that inspire awe and wonder within us, and give us goosebumps when we sense the presence of something that we cannot see, but still believe is there. Spirituality is where morality comes from, making us want to care for and give love to the living things around us. Canadians are certainly familiar with spirituality and many practice it, while others are reserved about it and do not claim any spirituality. In essence, being spiritual is a commitment to the idea that the true nature of reality goes much deeper than what we see in front of us, that living things have souls and that other entities and deities which are not human by nature have the potential to exist. To read more about popular spiritual topics, click on the following links: