August 5, 2015

media topicsLiterature on media makes for a valuable read because it helps enlighten readers on something that is reshaping our entire world. Even university level professors are not capable of fully grasping or explaining the incredible amount of influence that the media has on global culture. The media, as we all know, exploded with the revelation of the internet and digitalization. The internet increased the speed, accessibility and pervasiveness of the media by incredible measure, and because of the switch to digital media, every form of media became available through the internet and requires nothing more than a mouse click for the average internet user. The media is where humanity exchanges information and expresses itself, whether it is in the form of journalism, photojournalism, scientific research, investigative research, entertainment, music, art or performance, and whether it is streamed through a computer, laptop, tablet, phone, radio or television. The media has inspired us by bringing us information that opens our mind, and has limited us by sharing information that people do not know how to cope with. Canadians are a very media literate group of people on the whole, and should remain that way to keep their intellect sharp. To read more about popular media topics, click on the following links: