Around the Globe

August 5, 2015

global topicsWorld events are occurring all around us every day, in every corner of the globe. World events may include something serious and newsworthy, such as an earthquake or an outbreak of disease, or they may include something less newsworthy but still meaningful, such as a cultural celebration or important legislation. Events big and small taking place around the world are important. They are important for Canadians to know about, learn about and read about because they allow us a glimpse into another culture and give us the opportunity to look outside ourselves. Some world events require our action, while others do not. Events that a country has known are coming and has been preparing for are good for Canadians to read about because it allows them to develop a cultural understanding for people who are different from them. Events that a country was not prepared for and that have caused disaster are ones that require action on the part of Canadians, who may be able to donate to disaster relief organizations or even travel for the purpose of helping in person. Regardless, staying well read on world events is a wise choice for Canadians. To read more about popular global topics, click on the following links: