May 28, 2019

When an individual gets addicted, it is usually very hard for them to become sober based on their efforts. Knowing the process of development of these substances, helps in highlighting why they are very difficult to overcome.

Addiction is basically a brain disease, which is shown by the physical and psychological dependence on a behaviour, drugs or alcohol. The moment an addictive disorder is formed, the person would continually continue in the toxic habits, not minding if the adverse effects associated with it.

Addiction is very powerful, as it has the capacity and influence to affect the way a person thinks. It also affects the way a person feels and acts as well. A good number of individuals who are addicted, find it very hard to quit on their own.

Usually with addictive substances, it feels very safe to try them out for the first time, and there is usually the intent that, they would not take it again. However, it does not always go as planned.

The same applies to an addictive behaviour, it usually starts off as a safe act, later on, it becomes an obsessive disorder which the individual cannot do without. With time, a dangerous cycle of addiction is formed, where the person would continue using alcohol or drugs, in order to ensure that they are rid free of the symptoms which comes with withdrawals.

It is very easy to identify someone who is addicted, and once the individual has been spotted to be an addict, it could be easy to implore the person to seek help.

To start with, an addict would try to cut off all forms of communication. This happens because, he feels no one understands him, and if he tries opening up to anyone, there is a fear of being scorned. Hence, he would rather keep to himself, and continue indulging in the addictive act.

An addict too would most likely be irresponsible. If the individual happens to be a parent, he or she would have less time for the family, as he or she would focus squarely on the addictive substances, leaving out other important things which should be attended to. Find more information on drug addiction rehab, and for more information from government sites, check out “Get help with problematic substance use“.


August 5, 2015

Canada topicsCanada is one of North America’s most influential countries. As the United States’ neighbor to the north, Canada is sometimes overshadowed by the U.S. and considered secondary to it. Although the U.S. is still the strongest world power and the most influential nation of Western culture, Canada is a major player in world events, world economy and natural resources. For example, the oil fields of northern Alberta have proven to be the second largest in the entire world, making Canada home to an immense amount of the world’s most lucrative commodity. Canada also happens to be the nation containing more fresh water than any other nation on earth. Canada is known to U.S. residents for its politeness and its socialized medical system, which are both big parts of their identity. Canadians do value manners highly, but not just at an individual level. The country has an old reputation for avoiding conflict, staying out of United States matters and maintaining peace. Their socialized medical system is one of the best in the world, and the Barack Obama administration largely modeled Obamacare after it. Canadian affairs are more than newsworthy; they have an impact on the globe.  Canadians and world citizens alike pay careful attention to Canadian news topics, trends and culture through current editorials, reading material and literature. With Canada being an influential developed nation with a plethora of natural resources, the world follows Canadian affairs closely. To read more about popular Canadian topics, click on the following links:


spirituality topicsSpirituality is a popular discussion and literature topic among Canadians. Spirituality is very different from religion in a number of ways. Committing to a religion means committing to a particular version of natural and supernatural history, as well as following a doctrine of good practices and good living. Religion is constructed on rigid institutional laws and legalities. Spirituality, on the other hand, has an entirely different face. Religion is concerned with defining a belief while spirituality is concerned with connecting to a belief. It is our spiritual sensibilities that inspire awe and wonder within us, and give us goosebumps when we sense the presence of something that we cannot see, but still believe is there. Spirituality is where morality comes from, making us want to care for and give love to the living things around us. Canadians are certainly familiar with spirituality and many practice it, while others are reserved about it and do not claim any spirituality. In essence, being spiritual is a commitment to the idea that the true nature of reality goes much deeper than what we see in front of us, that living things have souls and that other entities and deities which are not human by nature have the potential to exist. To read more about popular spiritual topics, click on the following links:


job topicsThe job search is a universal practice, and one that most people devote a considerable amount of time and energy to. The topic of jobs is important to Canadians and world residents alike. Canada is a developed, first world nation that offers jobs to its residents and citizens that are protected by things like minimum wage standards, workplace legalities and workman’s compensation. Canada is a well educated nation that pays close attention to the health of its job market. Like the United States, Canada’s job market took a major hit from the recession of 2008 and has been struggling to recover for the better part of a decade. As time goes on, more and more jobs are created, but a good job is one that people are still holding onto very tightly for fear that another will not come along for a while. Canadians make careful decision when it comes to taking jobs and retaining them, but they also keep abreast on what is happening in the job markets of countries across the globe. The employment trends of the United States, European nations, Eastern nations and many other regions have a bearing on Canadian employment for the trades and industries they share, and Canadians are wise to read news stories and editorials that inform readers of global hiring trends. To read more about popular job topics, click on the following links:


media topicsLiterature on media makes for a valuable read because it helps enlighten readers on something that is reshaping our entire world. Even university level professors are not capable of fully grasping or explaining the incredible amount of influence that the media has on global culture. The media, as we all know, exploded with the revelation of the internet and digitalization. The internet increased the speed, accessibility and pervasiveness of the media by incredible measure, and because of the switch to digital media, every form of media became available through the internet and requires nothing more than a mouse click for the average internet user. The media is where humanity exchanges information and expresses itself, whether it is in the form of journalism, photojournalism, scientific research, investigative research, entertainment, music, art or performance, and whether it is streamed through a computer, laptop, tablet, phone, radio or television. The media has inspired us by bringing us information that opens our mind, and has limited us by sharing information that people do not know how to cope with. Canadians are a very media literate group of people on the whole, and should remain that way to keep their intellect sharp. To read more about popular media topics, click on the following links:

Physical Health

health topicsHaving an understanding of how physical health works is one of the most important ways you can educate yourself. Physical health is a complex body of knowledge, which is the obvious reason that becoming a doctor requires impressive intellect. However, you do not need to be a doctor to grasp the basic elements of physical health. The fundamentals of physical health are available to everyone through personal research, trial and error and being a captive audience to the advice of your doctor. By absorbing everything you can about physical health, you will be able to manage your own personal physical health proficiently. Canadians are a health conscious nation of people, for the most part. Every nation has its demographic of people who do not follow good health advice. But more often than not, Canadians take on a significant amount of personal responsibility when it comes to their health. This is in part because of the socialized healthcare system which makes health awareness more uniform in Canada than in other countries. But it can also be attributed to how enlightened Canadians are, in general. Canada is a prosperous, well run nation that makes excellent health information available to its citizens and residents. To read more about popular physical health topics, click on the following links:

Around the Globe

global topicsWorld events are occurring all around us every day, in every corner of the globe. World events may include something serious and newsworthy, such as an earthquake or an outbreak of disease, or they may include something less newsworthy but still meaningful, such as a cultural celebration or important legislation. Events big and small taking place around the world are important. They are important for Canadians to know about, learn about and read about because they allow us a glimpse into another culture and give us the opportunity to look outside ourselves. Some world events require our action, while others do not. Events that a country has known are coming and has been preparing for are good for Canadians to read about because it allows them to develop a cultural understanding for people who are different from them. Events that a country was not prepared for and that have caused disaster are ones that require action on the part of Canadians, who may be able to donate to disaster relief organizations or even travel for the purpose of helping in person. Regardless, staying well read on world events is a wise choice for Canadians. To read more about popular global topics, click on the following links: